ILTC organizes Spanish courses for those people who come to Argentina to learn the language.
The courses can be intensive or extensive and they are held in our new offices near Plaza San Martín. We can help find lodging for those students who need this service.

Delta Module 1 – Online

What is Delta Module One?

This module is more theoretical and focuses on language awareness, approaches and methods, evaluation of teaching resources and materials, and assessment of learner language and skills. It’s tested in a written examination set by Cambridge English. The exam consists of two 90-minute papers which are taken on the same day. The exam takes place twice a year, in June and December.

Who is this course for?

Teachers who passed their CELTA or ICELT qualification at least one year previously and ideally have two years’ EFL teaching experience. You should not apply for the Delta if you have not already gained experience in EFL teaching.
Teachers who plan to make a career in English language teaching or move into other roles, e.g. Director of Studies, Teacher Trainer etc.

* The intended participants are people who have recently done an advanced methodology course that would like to receive further input at Delta level and preparation towards the Module 1 exam.

The Course

IH Mexico offers preparation for Module 1 of Delta completely online. The work is based on writing, reading, study and practice exam tasks. It focuses on understanding language, methodology and resources for teaching. This includes:

A background understanding of ELT, teaching approaches and learning in a range of contexts

A knowledge of applied linguistics sources on the main principles and practices of English Language Teaching

An understanding of practical theory and methodology needed for teaching a range of systems and skills lessons

Regular exam practice with constructive and helpful feedback from the ours experienced Delta tutors and Delta assessors

Regular exam practice with constructive and helpful feedback from the ours experienced Delta tutors and Delta assessors

Online support, reflection and feedback from other members of your tutorial group

Our online Delta Module 1 Course comprises:

Spanish for foreign Businessmen

Living and working in a foreign country can be much more pleasant with the help ILTC has to offer. We understand the difficulties, frustrations and disappointments that another culture and language can present.

At ILTC we offer programmes designed to help foreign businessmen and their families, to overcome the barrier caused by language and at the same time open doors to a social life in Argentina.

The courses can be individual or in a group.

The courses are given by teachers who hold the IHC Certificate (International House Certificate in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language) and they are divided into six levels.

The material used in the courses is based on modern language teaching methodologies with a strong emphasis on communication and interaction. Students are placed at the correct level after taking an ILTC Spanish level test. In order to obtain the ILTC Certificate, students must have attended 82% of the course and passed both the oral and written tests.

Duración y fechas 2017

El curso consta de 132 horas con un número un máximo de integrantes de 12 personas.

Curso intensivos 2017- 4 semanas


Julio , San Isidro - Buenos Aires
Septiembre, Instituto IBRP, Lomas de Zamora
Octubre, ONLINE
Noviembre, Pilar - Buenos Aires y ONLINE
Diciembre, Córdoba